Shower Units

Shower Units

High security mobile shower units to hire, providing extended welfare facilities for your site or event.
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Choose between 2, 3 and 5 bay units...

Our range of high quality mobile shower units are built inside a steel shell and come complete with anti-vandal features  including anti-jemmy doors to offer added security. These shells comprise of portable shower cubicles in groups of 2, 3 or 5 bays per unit. They can be either connected to mains facilities or used in conjunction with our watermatic and effluent tank combination.

These mobile shower units are part of our site accommodation anti-vandal range which includes anti-vandal canteens, combi-units, offices and toilet units.

Through Nixon eXtra we are also able to offer decontamination shower units for personnel exposed to hazardous substances to shower and change. Fully HSE compliant and available in 2 or 4 shower cubicle configurations, these units can be self-contained or mains connected. Specialist decontamination units include alley cats and modular flat pack units, perfect where access and space is restricted.

Call us today on 0333 005 0005 for expert product advice and details on how easy and affordable hiring mobile shower units and decontamination shower units is with Nixon Hire!

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