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Ground Guard Systems

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Ground Guard
Ground Guard
Easy to manoeuvre with the Handy Hook
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Ground Guard Systems

Product Description:

Arrive on site safely without the mess. A totally versatile access system for instant roadways, car parks, site compounds or ground protection. Easy to use - they can be locked in place to form continuous solid roadway or work platform.
Each mat weighs only 39kg so they can easily be handled by two people. Use Ground Guards to eliminate damage to lawns and landscaped areas and provide traction for vehicles crossing mud, sand or fragile ground. Great for golf courses, cemetries, pylon sites, utility or drilling jobs.  Tread or smooth finish available.  Minimum 4 week hire charge applies.  Joiners and ground anchors are also available.
Dimensions (each mat): (1.2M x 2.4M)
Max Load: 50 Tonnes
Weight: 39kg
Safety Items Required

Ground Guard System - Safety Guidelines

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