Supply Chain

Supply Chain

We have built strong working relationships with our suppliers to ensure the effective delivery of our services. Find out more about becoming a supplier to Nixon Hire here...
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Supply Chain

We recognise that our supply chain is crucial to our ability to serve our customers and to the overall success of Nixon Hire. We value the relationships with our suppliers and aim to build long term sustainable relationships with them.

Supplier Evaluation

In accordance with ISO 9001:2008, we monitor our suppliers regularly via a supplier evaluation process. We expect our suppliers to be able to demonstrate an understanding of our quality management system and act proactively on any non conformances raised. We also request that our suppliers regularly assess the quality of materials supplied and their impact on the environment.

Contractor Evaluation

By definition, we class contractors as those companies undertaking work on Nixon Hire premises or working on our behalf on a subcontract basis such as hired in transport, tyre repairs, hydraulic hose repairs etc. Before undertaking any works, contractors must complete a Contractor Evaluation Questionnaire which will be assessed by our Health and Safety Manager.

The safety of our staff, customers and suppliers is of paramount importance. We expect contractors to demonstrate an understanding of our site safety rules and our method statements prior to commencing work.

Become A Supplier

If you would like to be considered as a supplier to Nixon Hire, whether for plant machinery, tools, temporary site accommodation units or portable toilet units please contact our Purchasing Department at Central Support Office.
Nixon Hire Key Suppliers
Some of our key suppliers

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