Committed to reducing our potential impact on the environment. At Nixon Hire we have a comprehensive environmental policy in place to reduce our impact and comply with strict industry-wide regulations.
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It has long been perceived that the construction industry is responsible for a large amount of environmental degradation. Nixon Hire works hard to combat this perception. We are mindful of the potential impact our operations may have on the environment and are continually seeking to identify positive steps we can take to reduce this impact.

We are proud to have achieved the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001:2014, which confirms our commitment to keeping our environmental impact as low as possible by putting in place an officially recognised environmental management system.

We have a number of specific measures in place which make up our environmental policy:
  • We minimise all waste generated, segregate for recycling and reuse wherever possible
  • We actively seek energy efficiency through staff actions, good maintenance and servicing and investing in energy efficient equipment
  • We have a waste oil management programme to reuse/recycle and dispose of oil safely and responsibly
  • We encourage staff to get involved and generate ideas to help drive our environmental improvement programme forward

This environmental policy allows us to ensure that Nixon Hire's activities have the minimum impact on the environment by reducing waste, preventing spillage and managing waste streams, whilst adhering to strict industry-wide regulations

Everybody who works at Nixon Hire is made aware of this policy and understands how they can all contribute towards the company's aims and objectives.

We also seek feedback from our customers and are happy to discuss how we might be able to work in partnership in order to reduce our combined environmental impact. If you are interested in working with Nixon Hire please get in touch!

Nixon Hire Environmental Policy


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