Case Studies

Further Case Studies

Berwick Old Bridge

October 2020

Project scope

Earlier this year, a project was set up to undergo a £80,000 restoration and refurbishment of one of Berwick's historic bridges - this is just a small part of a wider schemes improvement to roads, bridges and paths in this area. 

Work recently started to bring the bridge back to its original  foundations to then build back up to ensure the structure remains sound  for many years to come.

What did we do? 

We worked with the project team to provide the plant equipment needed to get the job done, whilst taking into consideration the welfare of those working on site. 

What was the outcome? 

To assist with this large job of restoring the town's bridge, we have so far provided this client with a great range of products of all sizes and capabilities from our large plant range to help with construction work, as well as kit from our welfare facilities and site accommodation fleet to provide workers with a place to take a break and store any items in our security containers. 

We look forward to seeing this project progress and providing more essential kit to ensure site works is carried out with optimum efficiency.