The possibilities for Modular Buildings are endless. Whether your project is one unit or multiple units, single storey or double stacked, standalone or linked, modular buildings are ideal for providing the flexible space you need. Below are examples of popular units but remember, we can create any space your require!

Modular Buildings (7)

This popular unit, often glass fronted provides a great space for customer facing offices on site.


A classroom style environment, with space for multiple tables and chairs and separate toilet cubicle area.


These single units provide a simple open plan office space for you to use as your site requires.


Great for sites with limited space, with two units stacked on top of each other with a staircase for easy access.


These sanitation units provide welfare facilities on site including toilet cubicles, urinals and sinks.


These double units provide twice the space of the single units and can also easily accommodate a single toilet unit.


This versatile unit combines a large seating are with a separate sanitation unit with multiple toilet cubicles.