9 Metre Telescopic Halide ECO Towerlight - SMC TL-90

This innovative portable floodlight consumes 25% less fuel than standard units and is fitted with eco sensors to allow start/stop times to be preset.

These compact, trailer mounted lighting towers consume 25% less fuel than our standard units.  Fitted with Eco Sensors allowing start/stop times to be preset manually or on a dusk/dawn sensor, the towers save fuel and negate the need to manually start and stop each unit. From a safety point, the mast can be rotated 360 degrees and lowers automatically when the handbrake is removed. Engine fluids are bunded to 120% capacity with bio-degradable oil in the hydraulic system. Road lights are fitted as standard.
Dimensions in Transport Mode (LxWxH)2500x1320x2100mm
Floodlights4 x 1000W Metal Halide
Starting SystemElectric
Power Sockets2 x 16 Amp (230v)
Max Tower Height8.74m
Wind Stability75km/h
Fuel Tank Capacity130 Litres
Consumption1.55 Litres / Hour
Run Time85 Hours
Noise60dB(A) @ 7m


SMC TL-90 Specification Sheet
Your Essential Guide - Lighting
  • safety hat
  • gloves
  • boots