9 Tonne Cabbed Dumper - Front Tip - MACH 2390

Image of 6 Tonne Cabbed Dumper On Site

With advanced safety features, this 9 tonne cabbed dumper ensures maximum operator safety as well as improved machine performance.

Built with heavy-duty steel plate, this 9 tonne front-tip cabbed dumper features a level 2 ROPS and FOPS cab has an engineered, reinforced structure for ultimate protection. With a fully integrated camera system providing 360 degree all round visibility, this machine has been built to significantly reduce the risk of accidents on site.

Powered by a 3.6L Duetz turbo diesel engine fitted with a DPF to comply with EU stage V emission regulations, this cabbed dumper has been built with ultimate comfort - with 3 steps for easy access, an easy release door lock and even storage inside the cab for any personal belongings. Other features include a fully controllable cab heater and ventilation system and a keyless, lockable panel for easy maintenance access.

These durable machines built with safety in mind have been fully crash tested with fantastic results as you can see in this video from Thwaites:

Key Features
  • Integrated camera system
  • Tinted side and rear glass
  • 'Pop out' easy to replace modular glazing system
  • Cab heater and ventilation system
  • Dust and pollen filters
  • Easy release door lock
  • Internal storage area
  • Keyless, lockable panel
  • Powered by a 3.6L Duetz turbo diesel engine fitted with a DPF
Max safe load capacity 9000kg
Heaped capacity 4600 litres
Struck capacity 3830 litres
Water capacity 2155 litres
Tipping Type Front Tip 


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9 Tonne Cabbed Dumper Specification
  • safety hat
  • gloves
  • ear protection