All In One Module 26 - Green Eco Unit (12 persons)

This unit is not only a comfortable place for up to 12 crew to eat and relax, it's also extremely economical to run and very environmentally friendly.

Extremely economical to run and very environmentally friendly - water usage is halved thanks to the roof being designed to harvest rainwater for toilet flushing, while energy is provided by a bank of batteries. When these drop below a pre-set charge point, a "brain" in this unit automatically activates an onboard generator.

This means that compared to a 40 hour week's usage against a standard welfare unit with a 10kVA generator the eco unit really scores. A standard unit's generator will consume around 100 litres of fuel per week, compared to 15 litres with the eco unit.  CO2 output cuts are just as dramatic, as the saving of 85 litres of diesel equates to a drop in emissions of 229kg per week.

Key Features
  • Rain water harvesting
  • PIR detectors (lights)
  • Silent running
  • Instant hot water
  • Instant thermostatically controlled air blown heating
  • Automatic door closures
  • Double insulation (floor, walls and ceiling)
  • PVC double glazed windows
  • Full tank of diesel and water

Incl. full tank of diesel and water.


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