Camon Lawn Scarifier Petrol 68kg

The Camon Lawn Petrol Scarifier has a host of performance and efficiency features designed to allow customers to use this pedestrian scarifier with ease - its rubber mounts underneath the engine reduce vibration whilst it's narrow wheels allow you to remove the likes of thatch and moss close to your wall or fence. 

*Product may differ from model shown. You will be advised of the exact model available to hire when confirming your order details. 

Key Features
  • Quick release folding handlebars for easy transportation and storage
  • Rubber mounts underneath the engine to reduce vibration
  • Wheel scrapers to keep the wheels free of debris during operation
  • Narrower wheels to allow the machine to operate closer to walls and fences
  • An angle back flap which allows for improved discharge of moss and thatch
  • Improved height adjustment knob with speeds up and simplifies the height adjustment
  • Optional enhanced anti-vibration rubbers for the handlebars to further reduce vibration