We have a range of hydraulic compactors available for machines ranging from 1 - 40 tonnes.

These Atlas Copco attachments have been designed to compact soil,  trenches and embankments, as well as driving in and pulling out  posts  and formwork.

As  there is no longer a requirement for a person to stand directly in  the  designated workspace, there is an added safety benefit in utilising a compactor attachment.  

Compactors work quickly and economically and are  easy to operate with less ground disturbance, less spoil to clear away  and no need for planking and strutting. Faster and cleaner to operate.

Key Features
  • Compacts soil, sand, gravel, hardcore, recycled materials and much more...
  • Productivity enhanced even in hard to access circumstances - surfaces, foundations, gradients, trenches.
  • Easy to operate
  • Low noise
  • Compacts up to 50-60 cubic yards per hour, more effective than rollers with greater impact
  • Housing is offset by 15 degrees, thus the force is better distributed across the plate. Less stress on the attachment during operation
  • Permanent lube
  • Overload protection
  • Range of sizes available for 1-40 Tonne machines