Desktop Safety Screens

This perspex, desktop mounted safety screen is the perfect way to protect customers, staff and anyone else entering your site or office safe from contamination.

Mounted on metal feet and made from solid perspex, this safety screen can be easily kept clean and sanitised.

Key Features
  • Free-standing unit
  • Metal feet
New Product

Hand Sanitiser Stations Extra

A compact, free-standing hand sanitiser station which mounts a single automatic sanitiser dispenser.

New Product

Dust Suppression Units Extra

A portable dust suppression unit which uses nebulised water vapour to suppress airborne dust and odours.

New Product

Portable Wash Stations Extra

This self-contained, foot operated unit holds enough water for 90 x 20 second hand washes.

New Product

Disinfectant Sanitiser Spray Kits Extra

A quick and easy way to sanitise all equipment, from small tools to large plant and accommodation