Dust Suppression Units

This efficient dust suppression unit uses much less water than hosing and also prevents puddles, therefore minimising the risk of slipping accidents on site.

This portable unit uses nebulised water which effectively grabs onto the dust particles and pulls them to the ground. It's fine mist means it can cover a larger area - up to 13 square metres.

Key Features
  • Ground coverage up to 13 square metres
  • Water mist up to 300 microns
  • Water consumption up to 8.5l/min
New Product

Hand Sanitiser Stations Extra

A compact, free-standing hand sanitiser station which mounts a single automatic sanitiser dispenser.

New Product

Desktop Safety Screens Extra

A desktop mounted safety screen to keep staff and customers safe and allow for effective social distancing.

New Product

Portable Wash Stations Extra

This self-contained, foot operated unit holds enough water for 90 x 20 second hand washes.

New Product

Disinfectant Sanitiser Spray Kits Extra

A quick and easy way to sanitise all equipment, from small tools to large plant and accommodation