Fuel Delivery

Whatever amount of fuel you require to keep your site running, we can deliver. An ideal solution when using equipment which requires a constant supply of fuel. 

Our modern fleet of fuel delivery vehicles can service both commercial and domestic sites all across the UK. 

We understand the importance of keeping kit fuelled on site, so if you’re using large kit like telehandlers and excavators to keep work moving or require a refill of a generator, our specialist vehicles will have the capacity to assist you. Our fuel delivery tankers come in a range of sizes, from 500 litre bunded fuel tanks right through to 36,000 litre fuel tanks, so whatever it is that you need refuelling we can help. 

The fuel that we deliver is red diesel fuel, widely used across the construction industry for equipment that requires a constant supply of fuel. Red diesel fuel is a cheaper alternative to white diesel available at petrol stations so we can assure you, you are always receiving the most competitive rates.

Kitted out with the latest technology, the tankers are fitted with a digital flow meter, allowing for accurate measurement of fuel being dispatched. For those hard to reach areas, our tankers are fitted with hoses up to 30 metres long which will allow us to navigate any obstacles with minimal disruption to your site. 

Our well placed and well connected Depot network means that we can deliver fuel to your site in as little as 24 hours. To ensure you don’t run out of fuel on site and can continue works at all times, we offer a regular fuel refilling service which our team can discuss and arrange and setup with you.

As well as our fuel delivery service, we have other tanker services available including effluent tank emptying and a water refill service

In addition to our Tanker Services, we offer a whole variety of other products and services including plant equipment, site accommodation units, welfare units and even solar solutions to hire! 

To grab your tailored quote, simply fill in the quick quote form at the top of this page, give us a call on 0333 005 0005 or email us on hello@nixonhire.com and we will be happy to help.