Hand-Held Diamond Coring Drill

Hand Held Diamond Coring Drill product page image

Compact and light diamond drilling machine for dry handheld coring.

It is lightweight and comfortable making it suitable to operate for long periods of time and is ideal for making clean-cut, smooth holes in tile, ferronconcrete, marble and brick. 

ApplicationDiamond Drilling, Drilling, Hammer Drilling
Chuck Type 3 Jaw 
Input Power (W)850 
Length (mm)400
Max. Diamond Core Bit in Concrete (mm)152
Max/ Drill Bit Dia in Masonry (mm) 20
Max/ Drill Bit Dia in Metal (mm)
Max. Drill Bit Dia in Wood (mm)30
Max Impact Rate (BPM)22,500
Max. No Load Speed (RPM)1,500
Operation Mode Handheld 
Plug Type (amps)16 
Product Brand Makita
Product Model 8406
Sound Power Level (LwdB[A])105
Sound Pressure Level (dB[A])94
Vibration Reading (m/s2)Drilling: 2.5, Hammer Drilling: 9.5 
Voltage (v)110
Weight (kg)3.7