10 Tonne Dumper - Hydrema 912F & 912F MultiTip

The standard 912F model is widely recognized for being agile and robust on site whilst offering superior performance. The MultiTip model features a compact body swivel system, driven by two double acting cylinders which allow load dumping over a 180 degree slew range.

These impressive 10 tonne dumper trucks boast an articular centre pivot, wide wheels and high ground clearance which combine to provide superior off-road performance. They are simple to operate yet are very extremely safe and robust.

Full details available on specification sheet as attached.

Weight7.270kg (7.730kg with MultiTip)
Carrying Capacity10 Tonnes
Width Over Tyres2490mm
Height (cabin)2750mm
Total Length5950mm
Turning Radius6100mm


Hydrema 912F - Specification
  • safety hat
  • gloves
  • boots