10 Tonne Dumper - Hydrema 912F & 912F MultiTip

10 tonne dumper

The standard 912F model is widely recognized for being agile and robust on site whilst offering superior performance. The MultiTip model features a compact body swivel system, driven by two double acting cylinders which allow load dumping over a 180 degree slew range.

These impressive 10 tonne dumper trucks boast an articular centre pivot, wide wheels and high ground clearance which combine to provide superior off-road performance. They are simple to operate yet are very extremely safe and robust.

Key Features
  • Optimal operator comfort
  • All daily checks can be carried out at ground level
  • Air conditioning and lighting in cab
  • All round exterior lighting - std. 8 working lamps, front side and rear
  • Yellow flashing beacon
  • Fully adjustable steering wheel
  • Fail Safe parking brake
  • Fitted with a reversing camera and reversing alarm
  • Engine bonnet gas struts
  • T4 compliant
  • 144 HP Cummins engine

Weight7.270kg (7.730kg with MultiTip)
Carrying Capacity10 Tonnes
Width Over Tyres2490mm
Height (cabin)2750mm
Total Length5950mm
Turning Radius6100mm


Hydrema 912 - Safety Features
Hydrema 912F - Specification
  • safety hat
  • gloves
  • boots