Innovative Heating & Drying Solutions

These technically advanced and environmentally friendly products reduce energy consumption and costs while ensuring maximum output.

We offer a comprehensive range of heaters and dryers from renowned Swedish manufacturer El-Bjorn. 

Their range of three phase dry electric heaters start from 3kW and go up to 18kW, making them suitable for both commercial and domestic use. Larger TF9 and TF18 units offer a single, high performance solution whilst multi outlets offer the possibility to distribute heat to target areas through hoses. All units can be simply plugged into a three phase power supply.

Maximum efficiency is ensured through the use of two fan speed options and variable thermostat controls, which also guarantees that drying times can be accurately and economically managed.  All units are robust and suitable for demanding work environments, typically working at a noise level of 65dB(A), with some offering a unique air distributor with six outputs and clean air filtration.