Dumpster - JCB HTD5

Perfect for sites where space is tight, the JCB Dumpster is ideal for carrying and unloading as it's so compact it fits through a standard width residential doorway!

When it comes to unloading, the skip is operated hydraulically from  below and is able to discharge from an exceptional tip height of 1450mm  directly into skip or high sided vehicle.

Very surprising for such a small machine is its large load capacity of  500kg, a 5.9hp diesel engine and you have an indispensable partner for  making light work of all sorts of carrying and unloading tasks.

Not only is this machine incredibly easy to use, even for novices, but  2-speed tracking also gives you a lower speed for added precision and  control when going through tight spaces and a faster speed for  travelling across site.

JCB have produced a great dumpster product video too!

Key Features
  • High carrying capacity of 500KG
  • Maximum machine width of just 690mm fits through a standard doorway
  • 1,450mm tip height tips directly into a skip or high sided vehicle
  • Pull out engine
  • Lifting buzzer and bull bar available as options
  • Electric start as standard
  • CESAR data tag option
  • 2 speed tracking gives lower speed for precision and control and high speed for travelling across site


Max. engine power            4.4 kW
Max. carry capacity
            500 kg        
Machine weight
            515 kg
Max. operating weight (with load)             975 kg
Max. machine width mm
            690 mm
Overall height (transport position)            1100 mm        
Skip height (tipping position)            800 mm
Max. height (tipping position)
Skip ground clearance (tipping position)             1450 mm
Two speed tracking max. speed             4 kph  
 Fuel tank capacity
            4.3 L

Please do not stand on the rear of this machine - it is not designed for, suitable or safe for carrying passengers.