Mobile Decontamination Shower Unit

A decontamination shower unit allows personnel exposed to hazardous substances to shower and change. All units are fully HSE compliant and are available in a configuration to suit most sites.

Mobile Decontamination Shower Units

Available in 2 and 4 shower configurations, these units can be self-contained or mains connected for maximum flexibility. Self-contained units come with a built-in generator and water management unit. Mains connected units are suitable to be connected to an external mains power source or generator. Electric only units are available. 

Alley Cat

The Alley Cat decontamination shower unit is a narrow, two shower unit ideal for smaller spaces. The Alley Cat comes with a built-in water tank and can be adapted to be self-contained if required.

Modular Decontamination Shower Unit

This multi system decontamination unit is a single shower unit which comes in a flat-pack format. The modular unit can be assembled and disassembled in spaces where access is restricted for a mobile decontamination shower unit. The unit can be easily assembled by two men on site in approximately 45 minutes.


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