Small Skips

Small skips, often called mini skips come in two different sizes - a 2 yard skip and a 4 yard skip. They are great for sites where space is restricted.

Comfortably fitting into a driveway, small skips are great for disposing of small amounts of waste - with our 2 yard skip holding approximately 20 full bin bags of waste and our 4 yard skip holding up to 40 full bin bags of waste. They're the perfect sized skips for domestic customers carrying out home renovations or improvements and garden clear ups. Mini skips are also often used by commercial customers such as plasterers and fitters - they are also commonly used as a 'back up' skip to accompany a larger skip already on site for any excess waste. 

Both the 2 yard skip and the 4 yard skip are a convenient and cost-effective way for customers to dispose of their waste quickly and their low level access means that you can load your items with ease. 

Hiring a skip allows for proper waste disposal in an environmentally friendly way - once you are finished with your skip and have loaded all of your unwanted waste, our drivers will take this away and dispose of it correctly.

You may be working on a project that requires you to dispose of larger amounts of waste - we have medium, large and roll on roll off skips available up to 40 cubic yard! Take a look at our full range here: 

If you're unsure what can and cannot be placed in a skip, we have detailed this for yo in our frequently asked questions which you can find here:

Hiring As well as hiring a skip, you may need other equipment for your project. From small tools, portable toilets and large plant, we've got you covered. 

If you're unsure what skip size you may need, please contact our team on 0333 005 0003 and we'll be happy to help you!

Cubic Capacity HeightLengthWidthApprox Bin Bags 
2 yard3 / 1.5m30.76m/2'6"1.2m/4'0.91m/3'20
3 yard3/2.3m31.07m/3"2.31m/5'5"1.37m/3'6"30
4 yard3/3m30.97m/3'2"1.83m/6'1.29m/4'3"40