Solar Pod

Introducing the H20 Solar Pod from Nixon Hire!

  • Do you have a remote site with no access to mains power?
  • Would you normally hire a 30-45kva generator? 
  • Are reducing Noise, Carbon emissions and Fuel costs a priority to you?

The H20 Solar Pod combines Solar PV, Battery Storage and a back up generator and a 400l fuel tank in a safe and secure self contained unit. 

The Solar Pod is used on medium sized sites to power a site compound and as many as 5 cabins can be powered from a single Solarpod. 

Once connected by our trained engineers, Powering the site is autonomous. The site is powered by Solar - Battery -  Generator or a combination of these depending on the load demand. The Solar element will either power the site directly, or will assist by charging the battery storage.  Contained within the Solarpod there is a 1000l powered water tank, which gives the site water for the WC. 

Watch the video for more information on the unique features of the H20 Solar Pod....

What can the H20 Solar Pod power?

What type of annual running savings can you expect?

*Figures based on product assessment. Variable output may be seen.

Key Features
  • 12 roof mounted solar panels
  • 32 amp external power outlets
  • External water connection
  • Automatic back up generator
  • PV Battery bank
  • Water storage tank
  • Autosmart system – switch on and use!
  • Remote access to the solar pod performance from your laptop or phone
  • Flat sided steel
  • Security doors
  • High impact resistance
  • Forklift pockets
  Empty: No water but fully fuelled 4280kg

  Full: Full water and fuel 5280kg


About the H20 Solar Pod