Soundex - Cutting Enclosure

A quick to set up, multi-purpose enclosure designed to prevent dust fumes and noise from disrupting surrounding areas.

A robust and practical Soundex Cutting Enclosure designed to prevent noisy site works having a negative impact on surrounding areas - great for use during metal cutting activities. 

This multi-purpose enclosure is quick and simple to set up and helps to prevent dust, fumes and noise from disrupting areas outside of the cutting enclosure. 

Incorporated within the unit is a cutting bench, extraction port, lighting system and power distribution - making this piece of kit an excellent time and cost saver on site, helping to protect the health of workers on site and those in the surrounding areas. 

Key Features
  • Fire resistant
  • Cuts down reverberation within enclosed areas
  • Up to 32.3 dB reduction in noise to minimise the need for hearing protection zones
  • Quick and easy installation from ground level
  • A range of extraction options to create a complete control system
  • Very portable - fold down to fit on a single pallet
  • Complete with cutting deck for chop saws
Maximum Sound Absorption11% @ 250 Hz
50% @ 1000 Hz
36% @ 5000 Hz
Maximum Sound Attenuation13.6dB @ 250 Hz
17.4dB @ 1000 Hz
32.2dB @ 5000 Hz

Fire ratings

Acoustic Vinyl Membrane M2 / B1 / BS / B-s2-d0 / NFPA701
Acoustic Core Class 0
Acoustic Mesh MembraneM2
Printing Water Based Ink 


Soundex Cutting Enclosure - specification sheet