Soundex Quilt

Great for general noise control with a BS EN rated attenuation of 28.2dB.

Quick and easy to install, soundex quilts have a seamless velcro connection and large quilt area - with no gaps between the panels for optimum noise control.

Perfect for sites with surrounding residential areas, this lightweight soundex quilt provides an excellent noise reduction of up to 28.2dB.  An excellent choice for noise control and great for use to create temporary enclosures for busy and noisy sites.

Key Features
  • Up to 28.2dB reduction in noise
  • Tested and certified to BS EN ISO 717-1:1997; BS EN ISO 345: 2003; EN ISO 11654: 1997
  • Quick erection and easily transportable
  • Fire resistant
  • Non-irritant acoustic material with no glass-fibre content
  • Velcro connections to ensure optimum acoustic performance
  • Weatherproof
  • Certified to be hung from scaffolding BS57955
Weight 15.0 kg (each)
Maximum Sound Absorption5% @ 250Hz
29% @ 1000Hz
26% @ 5000Hz 


Soundex Quilt - specification sheet