ST-9 Solar Mobile Lighting Tower

This solar powered mobile tower light provides 2,400 square metres of illuminated light coverage whilst producing zero carbon emissions and zero noise as well as zero fuel costs and zero maintenance costs!

This eco-friendly mobile solar only lighting tower has the power to support most site lighting requirements all year round, with no back up power source required. It has been designed specifically for UK and Ireland weather conditions.

The unit's fitted wheels make it easy to manoeuvre around site whilst its easy pull, adjustable stabiliser legs allow for a simple, quick and easy setup. 

Great for a wide range of applications including construction sites, roadworks and events, this diesel free mobile tower light will create zero emissions, zero fuel costs. zero noise as well having zero maintenance costs!

If you're thinking of hiring the ST-9 diesel free mobile lighting tower for your site, you can get a quick quote using the online form or contact our team today at or call us on 0333 005 0003

Key Features
  • 4x 100W LED fully adjustable 360 degree swivel and tilt lighting heads
  • 9m vertical stainless steel mast
  • 1440W roof mounted slide out high efficiency solar panels
  • Dust 'til dawn auto start/stop sensor
  • Heavy duty, deep cycle batteries
  • Central lifting eye + side and rear fork pockets
  • 4 x easy pull and drop fully adjustable stabiliser legs
  • Complete on road-tow trailer
  • Simple control panel
Lighting Head 4x100W LED
Max Mast Height 9m
Light Coverage 2,400m²
Total Power (Solar Panel)1440W
Type (Solar Panel)4xLG360
Rotation360 degrees
Mast TypeManual
Certified Wind Stability 110kmh/70mph 
IP Level65 
Solar Panel Deployment Manual
Solar Charge ControlVictron MPPT 150/60V
BatteryAGM Sealed Lead Acid
Power Battery Pack 24V DV 800 Ah
Number of Batteries 
CoolingAir (Fan Assisted) 
Expected Battery Cycle500
Expected Battery 'Hours'25,500 
Safe Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C
Length (mast down, legs in)3460mm
Width (mast down, legs in)2100mm
Height (mast down, legs in)2510mm
Length (mast up, legs out)3460mm
Width (mast up, legs out) 4170mm
Height (mast up, legs out) 9000mm
Weight 1390kg


ST-9 Solar Mobile Lighting Tower - Specification Sheet