30' x 8' Steel Container

Exterior View Of 30' x 8' High Security Container Cut Out
Internal Layout Drawing Of 30' x 8' Metal Storage Container

Not one of the standard ISO shipping container sizes, our 30 foot steel containers offer an on-site storage solution when 40 foot is too big but 20 foot is not big enough!

As these larger containers are not standard sizes, it means that they are not suitable for shipping but instead provide a flexible easy access storage unit to have on-site, where and when you need it.

Due to their larger capacity of over 55 cubic metres, they are ideal for large industrial sites where larger items such as plant and construction equipment need to be stored safely and securely and able to be accessed 24/7.

Security is still paramount, with Kaba experT highly secure reversible key systems fitted as standard on all of our steel containers. This patented key system is burglary resistant according to DIN 18252, Grade 3 and also protects against ‘lock bumping’ which can be a particular concern.

If a standard shipping container size is what you are looking for we do have 20’ x 8’ Steel Containers available, as well as
8’ x 7’, 10’ x 8’ and 32’ x 10’ units if you are looking for something a bit different.

If you are unsure which metal storage container would be best for you, please call our expert team on 0333 005 0005 and we will be happy to help. We can even arrange for the units to be painted a bespoke colour and also provide an Appointed Person Lift Plan to make the planning and placement of the units as easy as possible.*

*Please note, custom container paint requests and Appointed Person Lift Plans will incur additional costs. There is a minimum hire period of 26 weeks for custom painted container units.

Key Features
  • Built from high quality steel
  • Weatherproof
  • Vermin proof
  • Stackable
  • Anti-jemmy hinge protectors
  • High security Mul-T-Lock padlocks
  • CSC safe plates
  • Ventilation and lashing rings
  • Easy access cargo doors
  • Plywood flooring


Specification sheet - 30' x 8' Steel Container
Your Essential Guide - Site Accommodation
30' x 8' Secure Steel Container Cut Out - Yellow With Nixon Hire Decals

8' x 7' Steel Container

An 8 foot steel container to keep smaller pieces of equipment secure. Weight: 900kg.

30' x 8' Secure Steel Container Cut Out - Yellow With Nixon Hire Decals

20' x 8' Steel Container

20 foot anti-vandal steel container providing a secure storage solution. Weight: 2250kg.

30' x 8' Secure Steel Container Cut Out - Yellow With Nixon Hire Decals

10' x 8' Steel Container

A compact steel container offering a convenient and secure way to store valuable equipment. Weight: 1400kg.

30' x 8' Secure Steel Container Cut Out - Yellow With Nixon Hire Decals

32' x 10' Steel Container

Our larger 32 foot steel container is great for storing a wide range of tools or plant. Weight: 4250kg.