32' x 10' Steel Container

Exterior View Of 32' x 10' High Security Container Cut Out
Internal Layout Drawing Of 32' x 10' Metal Storage Container

These 32 foot steel containers are the largest metal storage units we have available for hire, a non-standard shipping container size but the perfect fit to sit alongside our 32 foot offices!

Offering a storage capacity of over 71 cubic metres, these security containers may be large but are still easily and safely transported to your site by our specialised delivery vehicles complete with the latest stability control and fall safe systems.

As with our other secure storage containers they are constructed from high quality corrugated Cor-ten steel, with heavy duty cargo doors, anti-jemmy hinge protectors and patented reversible key locking systems. They are stackable and linkable making them ideal for a wide variety of industries, from local government and education to retail and construction, basically any project which requires a large temporary work space or easily accessible storage solution!

If you think one of our smaller steel containers will provide sufficient space for your project or site click on the following links to view our other container sizes. Choose between 8’ x 7’, 10’ x 8’, 20’ x 8’ and 30’ x 8’ units.

If you would like some advice, please get in touch and our experts will be happy to help. We are here to guide you through the full container hire process, from discussing your requirements and suggesting the best type and size through to creating a delivery and collection plan just for you. We can also arrange bespoke painting of the container and Appointed Person Lift Plans.* 

*Please note, custom container paint requests and Appointed Person Lift Plans will incur additional costs. There is a minimum hire period of 26 weeks for custom painted container units.



Specification sheet - 32' x 10' Steel Container
Your Essential Guide - Site Accommodation
32' x 10' Secure Steel Container Cut Out - Yellow With Nixon Hire Decals

8' x 7' Steel Container

An 8 foot steel container to keep smaller pieces of equipment secure. Weight: 900kg.

32' x 10' Secure Steel Container Cut Out - Yellow With Nixon Hire Decals

30' x 8' Steel Container

Another mid range container option, this secure unit is great for storing materials and plant. Weight: 3250kg.

32' x 10' Secure Steel Container Cut Out - Yellow With Nixon Hire Decals

10' x 8' Steel Container

A compact steel container offering a convenient and secure way to store valuable equipment. Weight: 1400kg.

32' x 10' Secure Steel Container Cut Out - Yellow With Nixon Hire Decals

20' x 8' Steel Container (High Top)

Similar to the standard 20 foot container but with extra height for better access. Weight: 2320kg.