9 Metre LED Tower Light - Trime X-SOLAR HYBRID

9 Metre Battery Powered X-SOLAR HYBRID Tower Light With Nixon Hire Logo Cut Out
9 Metre X-SOLAR HYBRID Tower Light With Nixon Hire logo - Solar Panel and Mast Extended

This impressive solar powered eco-friendly tower light is one of the most innovative and sustainable lighting towers on the market. Reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 11,123 ton and fuel costs by up to £2,431 each year!

One of the latest innovations from renowned lighting tower manufacturers Trime is the mobile X-SOLAR HYBRID. Capable of being 100% solar powered, it can run with zero emissions, zero noise and zero odours in solar battery mode, making it extremely eco-friendly and cost efficient to run.  

Solar panels mounted on top of the unit extend and can be inclined manually to make the most of the sunlight available whilst the multi-directional and tiltable floodlights provide instant bright light from 4 x 100W LED bulbs to create an illuminated area of 2400 sqm. Although able to be 100% solar powered, these impressive tower lights also come complete with a back-up diesel generator to ensure sufficient lighting is available to keep your site safe at all times.

Sure to be a popular addition to any site, these sustainable lighting towers also boast a number of practical features which make it attractive to anyone looking to run an efficient and cost effective site. These include a mast with certified wind stability of up to 110 km/h and an AMOSS safety system to automatically lower it when the unit is being moved, 4 adjustable and extendable stabilisers for the base unit and an automatic start/stop sensor to make the outstanding 600 plus hours of run time go even further.

The impressive X-SOLAR HYBRID lighting tower is a fantastic site lighting solution if you are looking for a mobile unit which can offer impressive lighting output as well as eco-friendly credentials, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint whilst also reducing site costs. In fact, the reductions in CO2 emissions and fuel usage facilitated by using these tower lights can be included in the Contractors Sustainability Policy which can help when bidding for Government and Local Authority Contracts.

With nationwide delivery available, wherever you are in the UK and whatever site or event you are looking to light up, give us a call and we will be happy to help!

If you are looking for a more traditional tower light, we also have the Trime X-ECO which can provide a guaranteed 3800 sqm of illuminated area but still does not ignore the importance of having an eco-friendly focus. Or if solar power is what you are looking for find out more about our simple but effective Solar Street Lights. These basic lights boast fully automatic operation and LED lights powered solely through solar PV panels which collect and store energy in the integrated batteries.

In addition, if you are looking at lighting for an event, why not check out our event equipment range? With portable toilets, fencing, barriers and more, you could save yourself some legwork by making us your one stop shop for event facilities!

Key Features
  • 4 x 100W LED Floodlights providing instant bright lights with no wait time
  • 2400 sqm of illuminated space guaranteed
  • 9m vertical mast with wind stability of up to 110 km/h
  • Auto start/stop light sensor
  • AMOSS mast safety system
  • Galvanised anti-corrosion body
  • Forklift pockets for easy handling
  • Plug and play colour coded cables and connectors
Floodlights4 x 100W LED
Rotation340 degrees
Max Tower Height9m
Batteries8 x AGM batteries
Battery life time25500 hours


Specification - Trime X-SOLAR Tower Light
  • safety hat
  • gloves
  • boots
Trime X-SOLAR HYBRID 9 Metre Lighting Tower Cut Out

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Trime X-SOLAR HYBRID 9 Metre Lighting Tower Cut Out

9 Metre LED Tower Light - Trime X-ECO

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Trime X-SOLAR HYBRID 9 Metre Lighting Tower Cut Out

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Trime X-SOLAR HYBRID 9 Metre Lighting Tower Cut Out

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