Trench Guards & End Ramps - TG1408 & TGR

These robust trench guards and end ramps have a very gentle slope making them extra safe for pedestrians.

TG1408 / TGR

Our trench guard panels have interlocking flanges that connect them firmly together. They're made from an ultra tough plastic, preventing common wear and tear you would normally find on other  guards made out of plywood or fibreglass.
Their matching rubber end ramps only have a gentle slope on their edges, which makes them extra safe for use in pedestrian areas.

Trench Guard - TG1408End Ramps - TGR
Dimensions (LxW)1.4m x 0.8m1.2m x 0.8m
Load2 Tonne Vehicle2 Tonne Vehicle
Span600mmUse only with TG1408 Guards


Trench Guard Specification Sheet
  • gloves
  • boots