Intelipod Walk-through Access Control Unit

This efficient access control unit allows entry on site using 100% touchless face and body temperature scanning.

This cleverly designed walk-through access control unit will assess an individual within just one second to ensure that they are fit to enter site with a body temperature at a safe level whilst also ensuring they are wearing a PPE face mask. 

Once plugged in, the Intelipod will get to work straightaway as it's delivered to site ready for use, coming complete with its own CCTV and stand-alone network. 

Single and double Intelipods are available.

Benefits include:

  • Hand sanitising - providing 24 hour protection from any virus spread
  • Self-sanitising - the unit has an automatic, built in sanitising misting system
  • Air control - to keep clean air circulating and reducing the risk of cross contamination
  • Independent networking - utilising its own network which can also be linked to multiple Intelipod units on other sites
Single InteliPodDouble InteliPod
8ft x 6ft 12ft x 6ft
2.9 tonnes3.4 tonnes 
600 people per hour 1200 people per hour


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