Welfare Servicing - Effluent Emptying & Water Replenishment

Working Image Welfare Servicing

Welfare units can be a great way to support those working on site, but they also need to be regularly serviced - which is where we come in!

Perfect for a wide range of sites, welfare units provide toilet facilities, full canteen facilities and often drying rooms and offices all in one handy unit! They use water for flushing toilets and hot running water for washing which produces a large amount of waste water and will usually have a self-contained effluent tank. This liquid waste needs to be removed and disposed of on a regular basis to ensure the units remain in peak operating condition at all times and our purpose built vehicles are equipped to both remove this waste and also refill the water supply in one quick, cost-effective visit.

We know that welfare units can often be positioned in isolated and remote areas. Our specialist, state-of-the-art tankers are equipped with everything our fully trained drivers need to be able to service your welfare units in an efficient and mindful way wherever they are located, so as not to disrupt your site and the people and machinery working alongside. In addition, our tankers feature longer hoses to allow for emptying and refilling for sites with even the most difficult access. 

When collecting and disposing of waste from your site, we can assure you that all waste is handled in an ethical manner and we are fully compliant with all applicable environmental regulations.

For ultimate peace of mind we can arrange a regular service of your welfare units to maintain the water supply and control the level of liquid waste, avoiding any messy and costly overspills, blockages or drainage problems. The frequency on how often your unit will need to be serviced will depend on its size and how many people are using it – our team of experts can discuss this with you and advise how best to manage the welfare servicing requirements on your individual site.

As an additional benefit when arranging a welfare service through Nixon Hire, we have implemented an SMS system which allows us to provide you with timed service slots for which a nominated site contact will receive notification when our tankers are en route. The majority of our tankers are also fitted with a GPS tracking system that will allow us to keep track where and when your vehicle will be arriving - please ask our team about these services upon enquiry. 

Our full range of tanker services also includes a fuel delivery service and a service specifically to empty chemical toilets or effluent tanks on site. So whatever tanker service you require get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote – call 0333 005 0005, fill in the quick quote form at the top of this page or drop us an email at hello@nixonhire.com

As well as welfare servicing, we also offer a wide range of site equipment to hire including the welfare units themselves – visit our welfare facilities pages for more information on welfare units, sleeper cabins and even welfarevans for top of the range facilities on the move. In fact, when you hire a welfare unit from us, the toilets contained within the units are serviced weekly free of charge!  

Key Features
  • GPS tracked servicing to keep customers up-to-date
  • Longer hoses for sites with difficult access
  • Specialist vehicles