We have wacker plates for areas where space is restricted, as well as single and double drum ride on rollers to provide a higher compaction output and benefits such as double traction and vibration. In addition, remote control trench rollers which are particularly suited to more hazardous applications.

Compaction Equipment Hire (Large) (24)

Reversible plate compactors are ideal for the compaction of interlocking paving stones and landscaping.


Similar to the Bomag BPR35/42 but with a wider vibratory plate and larger Hatz engine.


Perfect for restricted spaces. these rollers can be pushed easily over aggregate and asphalt.


This quality roller is fitted with a "hold to run" handle so that the hydraulic drive cuts off if the lever is released.


These compact units are ideal for use on backfill and foundations, pipeline work and trench construction.


This machine offers double traction and vibration as well as a pressurised water system with corrosion free water tanks.


These efficient tandem rollers are particularly useful on sub-layer as well as asphalt compaction.


These tandem rollers offer optimum front view, ergonomic driver platform and a modern instrument panel.


This roller is ideally suited to jobs where high compaction output is required on asphalt or sub base.



These heavy duty tandem rollers are ideally suited to highway construction and large car parks.


For medium to heavy compaction work with materials such as gravel as well as cohesive soils and rock.


Similar to the BW213, this larger roller is also equipped with Variocontrol, an intelligent compaction system.


This impressive single drum roller has a great output capacity, making it highly efficient on large scale projects.


This compactor boasts hydrostatic steering and excellent hill climbing ability via self-locking differential.

Cut Out Image of Shell Kit

An excellent piece of kit designed to improve the versatility of large compaction equipment.


These heavy duty breakers are the perfect solution for general demolition work such as breaking roads.


Ideal for work in brick, concrete and pile capping the DP11 VRS boasts versatility and low vibration levels.


These rotary action drills are lightweight but powerful and are ideal for drilling into concrete or stone.



These single head pole scabblers are ideal for light applications on floors and concrete surfaces.



Designed using a similar concept to the single headed scabbler but with the added benefit of three heads.


Supplied in 15m lengths, these hoses come complete with male and female couplings and whiplash safety cables.


This safety cable is designed to prevent injury caused by parted hoses when used under pressure.


Attached to an air hose, the air lance is ideal for clearing out tight spaces using compressed air.


Air pokers enable faster compaction on larger concrete pours. They require a compressor to operate.