Whatever your load moving requirement we have the dumper for you. Our pedestrian mini dumpers are ideal where access is restricted whilst our tracked dumpers are particularly well suited when moving loads over uneven or sensitive ground. Our larger Thwaites dumpers can carry up to 10 tonnes and offer the added flexibility of high tip, straight tip and swivel skip options.

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These articulated compact dumper trucks offer superior performance & comfort off-road.

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Offering superior visibility for the operator, this cabbed dumper offers the latest in site safety technology.

New Product

The HTD5 Dumpster from JCB is a compact, high-tip machine designed to save you time, energy and money.

Pedestrian operated walk-behind dumpers, ideally suited to tight jobs where access is severely restricted.


This stand-on mini tracked transporter is great for moving loads where standard dumpers would be too big.


This tracked transporter combines compactness with performance, able to operate on difficult soft terrain.


This tracked transporter is ideal for moving loads in restricted areas where standard dumpers would be too big.

With a 1 tonne capacity, these dumpers also have the added bonus of hi-tip capability and fully hydrostatic brakes.

This versatile dumper boasts a 'Poclain Twin-Lock' traction control system and heavy duty 5mm skip base.

These workhorses boast four wheel drive, hydraulic tipping capability, ignition key start and power steering.

Similar to the MACH420 but with a power swivel function, ideal on jobs where turning space is limited.

One of our most popular models with a number of features which make it the perfect choice for difficult terrain.

Similar to the MACH422 but with the benefit of carrying a greater payload and the ability to tip even higher.

Boasting high ground clearance and a low centre of gravity for superb stability and site accessibility.

Ideal for larger sites with rough terrain as four wheel drive, ROPS frame and power steering come as standard.

These machines have the same features as a standard 6 tonne dumper with the added benefit of a power swivel skip.

These dumpers offer a large heaped skip capacity as well as a powerful engine and exceptional service access.

Similar to the TA6 model but with a power swivel to enable effective placement of load to either side.

Perfect for larger earthmoving jobs, these powerful machines offer fingertip control of Perkins diesel engines.

These dumpers have the same features as a standard 9 tonne, with the added benefit of a power swivel function.

These heavy duty machines offer powershuttle transmissions and powerful, economical Perkins engines.

The largest dumper in our range, these robust machines will really boost your earthmoving efficiency on site.