We know how important it is to run a construction project as efficiently and safely as possible and site lighting plays a crucial part in this. In fact companies running construction sites have a duty of care and legal responsibility (under the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974) to ensure that lighting is sufficient and does not pose a health or safety risk to employees and others who may be using the site.

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New Product


A self charging, solar powered tower light able to support most site lighting applications all year round.

Trime X-SOLAR HYBRID 9 Metre Lighting Tower Cut Out


This new LED tower light from Trime can be 100% solar powered, and boasts fuel savings of up to £2,431 per year!

Trime X-ECO 9 Metre Lighting Tower Cut Out

This innovative LED tower light boasts fuel savings of up to £336 per month & over 200 hours run time.


Fully automatic lighting towers using solar technology for an eco-friendly alternative to a diesel run model.


A 5m extendable, full automatic solar street light producing zero c02 emissions.