A great range of site accommodation accessories to hire including; staircases for stacked unit setups,  watermatics to go alongside your accommodation unit where no mains water is available and effluent tanks designed to sit under your accommodation units where no mains effluent/drainage on site is not available.

Accessories (5)

Encased within a steel shell, these plastic water tanks produce a constant 4 bar water supply.


For our double stacked units we can also supply external staircase units (as shown) for an extra weekly charge.


Used in conjunction with mains toilet units or welfare units, where no drainage is available on site.

Image of 7,500 litre effluent tank

Designed to collect effluent waste from units where no on site drainage is available.

Image of 10,000 litre effluent tank

A 10,000 litre effluent tank for the storage of wastewater and effluent from temporary installations.