We have both domestic and industrial air conditioning units and dehumidifiers. Looking for heaters? Our spaceheaters feature an automatic safety cut out device and a clean burn whilst our infra red heaters heat up within seconds and deliver up to 3kW of heat. Alternatively, our innovative heating and drying solutions from El-Bjorn benefit from reduced energy consumption and costs.

Heating, Drying & Cooling Equipment Hire (7)

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Efficiently removing moisture from the air to prevent rust, rot, mould, mildew and condensation in enclosed spaces.

New Product

The Cube Dehumidifier reduces humidity in enclosed environments by removing water vapour from the air.

Air Conditioning Units for hire


Available in various different sizes and cooling capacities - give us a call to find the right one for you.

Dehumidifier for hire


Boasting an integral water collecting tank and auto cut out, these 240V models are compact but effective.

Space heater for hire


Ideal for larger workshops or small / medium ventilated premises, these heaters can run on diesel or gas.



Delivers local spot heating within large areas, the unit heats up within seconds and delivers up to 3kW of heat.



We offer a comprehensive range of heaters and dryers from renowned Swedish manufacturer El-Bjorn.