Our general building tools for hire include cable detectors, security tool stores and block grabs. In addition, we have a number of grass protection mats. Choose between ekki mats or trench guards. The mats are designed to protect or strengthen landscaped areas and enable vehicles to move freely on sites, whilst trench guards offer safety to pedestrians when roadworks are being carried out.

General Building Equipment Hire (18)


Suitable for vehicles with rubber tyres and are laid to form a single track of either 3 or 5 metre width.

Gas Framing Nailer thumbnail image New Product

A cordless gas nailer for 34° paper strip nails from 50 to 90mm with the benefit of a quick charge.

Cobra Rodding System Thumbnail Image New Product

A compact, labour saving solution for installing cables, threading draw ropes through pipes or surveying drains.


These lightweight detectors make locating underground cables a simple task, saving time and money.


This generator can be utilised to detect conductive energies by direct connection, signal clamp or induction.

Pallet Cart thumbnail image New Product

A rough terrain pallet truck with large pneumatic wheels designed to move pallets in irregular spaces.

Gas Finishing Nailer thumbnail image New Product

A cordless gas finisher combining power and utility in a well balanced tool for all your finishing needs.

New Product

Designed to quickly and efficiently split a variety of masonry building materials with parallel faces.

Manual Stair Climber thumbnail image New Product

The perfect piece of kit for moving large cumbersome objects smoothly and easily, up or down stairs.

New Product

Adjustable steel supports for construction work, especially during alterations to ceilings, floors or walls.

Sack Truck thumbnail image New Product

This durable sack truck will address many different uses within the working environment.

Turntable Platform Truck thumbnail image New Product

A heavy duty, easy to manoeuvre turntable platform truck with a load capacity of up to 1000kg.

Universal Handles thumbnail image New Product

Designed to move the likes gardening and landscaping design products such as kerb stones.

Gas Detector Thumbnail Image New Product

Gas detection is an important part of home safety and an essential part of a safety system.



These grabs enable easy transportation of materials such as kerb stones, slabs and vertically strapped paving blocks.


These tool stores offer protection for your tools, materials and equipment wherever you choose to store them.


These heavy duty guards are made from an ultra tough plastic, preventing the usual wear and tear.



These robust pallet trucks are the ideal solution for shifting pallets as long as the terrain is fairly even.