Our powerful cut off saws are ideal for cutting through stone, asphalt, bricks, concrete and metal, whilst our 14" and 18" petrol floor saws are ideal for continuous cutting and provide the flexibility of adjustable cutting depths. We also have pressurized water tank attachments available to hire to enable wet, dust free cutting.

Saw, Grinder & Cutter Hire (10)

These powerful saws are capable of cutting asphalt, bricks, concrete and metal and can be used for wet cutting.

Metal Cutting Chop Saw thumbnail image New Product

Versatile unit able to cut steel, aluminium, wood and plastic with a standard blade.

Masonry Table Saw thumbnail image New Product

An efficient, universal masonry saw with high cutting capacity for all kinds of bricks and building blocks.

235mm Circular Saw thumbnail image New Product

A powerful and rugged circular saw suitable for all types of wood, plywood and block board.

Plunge Router thumbnail image New Product

Routers are a great tool for shaping wood, whether building furniture or creating custom joinery and trims.

Masonry Water Bottle thumbnail image New Product

A heavy-duty 10 litre portable water supply, dust suppression tank fitted with a transparent hose.

Diesel Floor Saw thumbnail image New Product

A highly versatile compact diesel floor saw ideal for small to medium service and repair jobs.

Petrol Floor Saw Thumbnail Image New Product

A highly manoeuvrable, convenient all-round petrol push floor saw for perfectly straight cutting.

Clipper C99 Floorsaw Hire

Fitted with a 14" or 18" blade, this saw boasts an adjustable depth of cut and a water tank for dust free operation.

Pressurised Water Tank Attachment

These handy tanks can aid dust suppression when using saws, allowing wet cutting without dust build up.