As the largest portable toilet unit supplier in the UK, we are proud to be market leaders in the toilet hire field. We have over 10,000 units in our fleet and service approximately 7,000 units on hire every week supplied to customers throughout the UK, from the Highlands of Scotland to Southampton on England’s south coast!

Portable Toilet Unit Hire (7)

Portable Site Chemical Toilet Unit Drawing With Nixon Hire Decals

Our site chemical toilets are perfect for all construction sites, from house extensions to motorway maintenance.

Portable Event Chemical Toilet Unit Drawing With Nixon Hire Decals

We can provide any number of event chemical toilets for locations nationwide. Contact us for a quote.

Solar Loo Thumbnail Image with Nixon Hire Decals

Self-contained, and up to 96% CO2 efficient, the Nixon Hire Solar Loo is perfect for remote site locations.

Portable Hot Water Toilet Unit Drawing With Nixon Hire Decals

Similar to our chemical toilets, these toilets also have hot water on tap as well as a large basin and mirror.

Portable Wheelchair Access Toilet Unit Drawing With Nixon Hire Decal

Designed for convenience, handrails, paper dispenser and hand sanitiser are all positioned for ease of use.

Portable 4 Bay Urinal Unit Drawing

Easy to transport and quick to position, our urinal units are the ideal solution for your event.

New Product

A 4 person hand sanitiser station, providing an effective and convenient hygiene solution for all types of sites.