These mobile welfare units provide the option to create a separate female or private toilet and are fitted with electric heaters, lighting and oil filled tubular heating. We offer 2+1 and 3+1 toilet units comprising of 2 and 3 toilet cubicles respectively. An additional benefit of these welfare units is that they can either be connected to mains drainage or mounted on an effluent tank.

Mains Toilet Unit Hire (3)

This 2+1 unit offers 2 cubicles, urinals and sinks on one side and a separate toilet cubicle on the other.

Internal layout 3+1

This 3+1 unit offers an additional cubicle, urinal and sink in the main section of the unit.



This 5+1 unit offers 6 cubicles and 4 sinks on one side (one in a separate cubicle) and 5 urinals on the other.