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7 Days of Solar

7 August 2019

We’re delighted to report another solar success story this summer. Over a 7-day period, our Solarpods were out doing the business in a top-secret film location for a client. 

On site, we had 9 Solarpods connected to 30 Snoozepods, with each Snoozepod being used 24/7 around the clock. Normally, the Snoozepods would be connected to an 800kv sized generator, however, our Solarpods were the perfect alternative, allowing the generator to be active at only 5% of its time. This resulted in a significant savings seen across Co2 emissions, diesel usage and noise emissions due to the solar gain and battery usage being so high. 

A massive total of 14,158 litre of diesel was saved and the good news doesn’t end there. We also recorded a huge 37.9 tonnes of local Co2 emissions saved. A big win for Solar!