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Hi, I'm New Here.

22 August 2019

Read all about new employee Lewis Newton’s first week as Nixon Hire’s newest Sales & Marketing recruit…


The first day! Day one at Nixon Hire takes place at Newcastle Depot. A few nerves, but I’m not on my own, there are a lot of other new starters too. Any remaining nerves are squashed by a calming welcome and a friendly atmosphere, thanks to Emm the Practical Trainer who is taking the lead in our introduction to Nixon Hire. Running through the online training portal, you get an understanding of how important safety and wellbeing is. We start with manual handling and the importance of carrying a box with the right technique. Twist the wrong way and you’ll upset the jam. It’s relevant. Just like the remainder of the workshop programmes, it’s important to fully understand the procedures. A day full of information to start the week off, and to meet my new colleagues.


My job as Sales & Marketing Executive doesn’t require the intensive hire system training that my colleagues on the dedicated Sales and Hire Desk are undertaking for the next two days so I’m off to CSO to meet the Marketing Team and find out all about Nixon Hire from a different perspective. Still familiarising myself with the Nixon Hire Network, you find it quite easy to navigate. Each department has its own landing page, full of information and resources that will come in handy throughout my time here. So, first and foremost I took a look at the brand guidelines, an important part of marketing. Understanding the brand placement on machinery and equipment is vital to everyone. Once I’d had a chance to acquaint myself with my new surroundings, it was time to find out more about Nixon Hire. The really handy tool, Yammer. Scrolling through the updates, it’s great to see the passion and hard work of others up and down the country being represented. From a marketing perspective, any relevant news is great. So having a tool where those out and about are able to share what they are or what they have been doing is unrivalled.


Usually Wednesday is known as the ‘Humpday’, however, there didn’t seem to be too many people struggling to deal with the weeks midway point. As soon as the clocks struck 8, silence is met with a busy day ahead. The hire desk is in full swing and work has surely begun. The only thing that interrupts the noise of work can only be described as a slightly eerie ice cream van-like echo signalling the arrival of a food truck. A ham and pease pudding sandwich is just what I need to fuel a busy afternoon. Taking on board the product information yesterday, it was time to put some of it to use. A great story picked up on Yammer - 9 Solar Pods powering 30 Snoozepods over a 7 day period helped save 37.9 tonnes of total Co2 emission and a whopping 14,158 litres of diesel. Amazing and revolutionary. Into the afternoon and rewind back to Monday and the online portal training is already coming into good use. Giving a helping hand to move boxes with the right technique down to a skip outside. The dedicated Hire and Sales Desks are really coming together and you can sense the excitement from the team members who have been here some time.


Back down to the Newcastle Depot for Thursday and Friday to finish off the week learning all about the products and assets Nixon Hire have to offer from those who know it best. A real benefit for any new starter to see what happens on the day to day by those out in the field. Seeing the sheer size of excavators and dumper trucks in real life helps you appreciate the logistics behind the scene, an experience worthwhile. Thankfully Thursday was a nice summer day, so a nice wander around the yard to see the great innovation and style of the Snoozepods and welfare cabins that Nixon Hire have to offer. Modern products packed with the latest technology, whilst also being comfortable. I’d go as far as saying the Snoozepods would get a higher rating than a lot of hotels on Trip Advisor. Luxury. As someone who wasn’t as familiar in the different site accommodation on offer prior to joining Nixon Hire, a walk around the yard is essential. A fantastic range of portable cabins with offices built inside, all comfortable and secure.


Unlike Thursday’s warm summer day, Friday was a proper northern day met with rain, though a pleasant ride out with one of the drivers to pick up a welfare unit. It’s nice to gain an understanding of the types of barriers or issues that others may face when trying to get about their day. Being out on the yard and with members of the team also gives a great sense of perspective to the movement and how everyone seems to be pulling in the same direction. A positive first week, bring on the rest!