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Flexible Fuso Canter is the automatic choice for Nixon Hire

10 July 2013
Nixon Hire’s delivery of new Fuso Canters has given us further flexibility to tackle a wide range of jobs.

The five 3.5-tonne Canter 3C13s were supplied by Newcastle Upon Tyne Mercedes-Benz dealer Bell Truck and Van – the German manufacturer’s dealer network is responsible for the sale and support of the Fuso range in the UK – and are now hard at work within Nixon Hire's toilet hire division.

The new Fuso Canters which were introduced in May 2013, are used to deliver portable, self-contained toilet cubicles to construction sites, music festival and sports event sites, and many other locations across the North of England and as far afield as Inverness.

Nixon Hire specified its vehicles with DUONIC gearboxes – the first twin-plate, dual-clutch automated transmission to be fitted to a light truck. DUONIC provides smooth shifting and economical performance with none of the frictional losses found in traditional automatic gearboxes. Additional features include an eco mode for even more fuel-efficient cruising, as well as parking and ‘creep’ functions for low-speed manoeuvring.

We have not operated Canters before but are already finding its new trucks have the capability to tackle diverse tasks.

Nixon Hire'd fleet of Flexible Fuso Canters to support their toilet hire division

Nixon Hire Transport Manager Graham Wood explains:

“We deliver toilets to a wide variety of locations, events and customers. Our workload ranges from delivering over 300 units at one site, to supplying a single toilet for a domestic customer, so we need a flexible approach to the number of units we can safely transport."

“The Canter’s cab-forward design, and the ability to specify a long-wheelbase chassis, has allowed us to fit a five-metre body capable of holding eight cubicles, without needing a very long rear overhang.”

Graham added, “The vehicles 3.5-tonne towing capacity means we can operate at a gross train weight of 7.0 tonnes - each truck can pull a trailer carrying a further 10 toilets. This outstanding towing capability was key to our decision to work with Bell Truck and Van to fulfill this order."

“We can now carry large loads of up to 18 toilets at a time, however, the Canter remains suitable for multi-drop runs, which sometimes require access to tight locations. It’s a multi-purpose vehicle and suits both needs extremely well."

He adds: “It's still early days but we’re certainly impressed by what we’ve seen, and the response from our drivers has been very positive, it appears the DUONIC transmission makes them very easy to drive."

“The service we have received from Bell Truck and Van has been excellent too – all our queries were answered quickly and comprehensively and they were extremely helpful in arranging all the bodywork and add-ons, so we just had one point of contact to deal with.”