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Innovation In Action - the H20 Solar Pod from Nixon Hire!

15 October 2018

What is the H20 Solar Pod?
It's a self contained steel unit which offers a sustainable power source and water supply to your sites.  
It combines solar PV with a back up  generator and a large water tank - all in one.

Is it easy to use?
It couldn't be easier! It's plug and play so simply connect your units using the external 32amp or 64amp connectors and you are good to go!

Sounds good but what's the power output like?
30Kw hi power output, which we think is great! 

The UK isn't sunny all the time, will the H20 Solar Pod still work?
Yes. Solar panels achieve maximum output in direct sunlight, but they work in  normal daylight and cloudy weather too. The amount of power a 48v solar  panel or charging kit generates in cloudy weather will however be lower compared to direct sunlight.

I'm interested in reducing my carbon emissions - can the H20 Solar Pod assist?
Yes. Annual running savings have been calculated at 103 tons of Co2 per year.

What sort of financial savings can be seen?
Over £21,000! Again, this cost saving has been calculated on annual running costs.

How have you worked these figures out?
The unit has undergone rigorous testing prior to launch however figures are supplied for guidance only.

  • The figures are compared to a stand-alone on-site generator power supply. 
  • 56p per litre red diesel
  • Based on usage hours per day, 130 days in winter mode and 130 days in summer mode.  Each day is a typical usage day.

    The factors which may affect performance include:

Position: As mentioned above the unit will work even when cloudy however if the unit is position under trees or a canopy this will restrict performance.
Excessive appliances: Testing has been done based on capacity figures for units i.e 12 person canteens and as such as such the associated facilities. However, if one unit has ten kettles and ten microwaves plugged in and in use - naturally this will affect performance.

Can I access unit performance figures for the H20 Solar Pod I have hired?
Yes. You will be given remote access to the units diagnostics which you can access on your desktop or mobile.

I'd like to know more....?? Great! We have some further resources for you;

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