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Brand new welfarevans added to the fleet

10 July 2013
Nicola Hellewell, Purchasing & Supply Chain Manager commented, "After the successful introduction of Citroen vans into the fleet in 2012, we are continuing to work with the Town Centre (Sunderland) dealership as the main supplier of our welfarevans."

Nicola added "Nixon Hire have operated welfarevans in the fleet for a number of years now and using this experience and insight we work with a bespoke fitter to customise the vans to meet the high demands placed on the vehicles by our customers. We have now received 40 of the new vans, with a further 50 to be delivered before Christmas - they are such a popular product we can't get them delivered to us quick enough, as soon as they arrive they are booked out!"

Nixon Hire's welfarevans provide a flexible approach to short term site accommodation and deliver comfortable and cost effective welfare facilities. The vans include a canteen equipped with a microwave, running hot water, a full size sink as well as a unisex toilet and drying facilities.

Highlights of the van's safety features include; an anti hi jack system, ABS as standard, emergency escape hatch, independent central heating, heavy duty anti slip flooring in tool area, roof and window ventilation, reverse bleeper and sensors, a towbar, fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. Our welfarevans also have an M1 crash tested floor, conforming to relevant EC Directives and benefit from access to a national vehicle support network.
Nixon Hire invest in more welfarevans

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