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Nixon Hire Announce Plans For Dedicated Hire Desk

17 July 2019

Nixon Hire have announced plans to create a dedicated hire desk-hub in their headquarters in Newcastle. 

The move will see the creation of 4 dedicated teams, each looking after a specific area of the company’s business – Scotland, Northern England, Southern England and Managed Accounts.

We met with Managing Director, Graham Nixon to find out more...

What does this announcement mean?

"Hire enquiries will be received into one location with each geographical region supported by a dedicated response team. Each of our Depots will remain fully operational and by creating more jobs within Depot Management, Workshop and Field Sales we aim to increase each Depot’s capacity to ensure our equipment is well maintained and ready for hire."

Why make the changes?

"Quite simply the demands on an individual depot were becoming too much and we needed to simplify the hire and off hire process, whilst allowing maximum efficiency in our workshop operations. By placing hire enquiries with one team, it allows each Depot to concentrate on the quality of the equipment we have available for hire. This positive change will improve our service to our customers both in terms of our enquiry response and equipment provided by allowing us to greater maximise asset utilisation and ensure high efficiency logistics."

Is this a completely new approach for Nixon Hire?

"No it’s tried and tested.Nixon Hire have operated a core hire team based in Newcastle for over ten years. Currently known as Nixon Hire Direct, this team has been a single point of contact for new innovation products such as Welfarevans, Snoozepods and Solar Pods as well as offering exceptional service to meet the requirements of our managed accounts (large customers with KPI’s in place).

Furthermore, when Nixon Hire purchased Elliott Loohire at the start of 2019, we decided not to place a hire desk within each new location but instead expand our core hire team based in Newcastle to support the new customers. This approach has been very successful.  

Therefore, after ten years of successfully operating a core hire team in one location and most recently absorbing new depots into this model, we have decided to replicate this structure across our network."

Would you refer to this as a call centre?

"Not at all. This is a dedicated hire desk. I think my view on call centres are much the same as everyone else’s – in general they can be cold, frustrating to deal with, impersonal and heavily automated. This is the complete opposite of the team we have created and the service we will provide.

We have brought together the best team to ensure that each region has dedicated experts who know the area, know the products and know our customers."

Are you closing Depots?

"Absolutely not! There are no plans to close any Depots. Whilst hire enquiries will be received into one location each of our Depots will remain fully operational.  We will still have a huge presence in each of our Depot locations and our Depot Managers, newly created Assistant Depot Managers, Regional Account Managers and Sales Executives are all available to assist and support our customers."

What about existing staff at Depots?

"Whilst we will no longer have individual hire desks located within depots, we have created a number of brand new positions across the Depot network.  This is to ensure as many people as possible can be redeployed. These positions include opportunities for promotion into Assistant Depot Manager positions and Trainee Depot Sales Executives. We have also advertised the new positions located in Newcastle. Naturally however, relocation may not be possible for some people. 

We are acutely aware of the impact this announcement may have on our employees.  As such, we have been communicating with employees well in advance of any information being made public."

Is this a cost cutting exercise?

"No. This is not about cutting costs. Nixon Hire need to ensure our business model reflects the needs of our customers now, as well as being able to adapt in the future. Operating one dedicated Hire Desk, allows us to do that. 

We have invested heavily in the building in which our new team will be located and as mentioned we are further investing in our people by creating jobs within the Depot which will assist with a vital part of our business.  Thus ensuring that equipment is well maintained and ready for hire as well as more people on the ground out and about meeting customers."

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

"Nixon Hire is a family run business which has been trading for over 52 years.  During this time we have made many changes to allow the business to sustain growth and reflect the marketplace in which we operate. 

We are incredibly grateful to the loyalty we have received from our customers throughout our many years in business and Nixon Hire want to ensure that we continually strive to provide the best possible service to people who chose to work with us.  We feel that the new structure best supports this."

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0333 0050005 or if you have any questions or queries regarding this announcement.