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One Month To Go...!

21 August 2013
The Nixon Hire Ben Nevis Challengers have just one month to go before they brave the 4409 ft of the highest mountain in the British Isles!
Why are we climbing Ben Nevis?
The Nixon family suffered a devastating loss when Sarah, the wife of Chris Nixon, lost her fight with ovarian cancer in January this year. Keen to support Cancer Research UK who are continually working to find cures for the many forms of cancer which exist and affect so many lives, the team climbing Ben Nevis are requesting charitable donations to be made to Cancer Research UK.
A big thank you
We have contacted all of our customers about this challenge and why it is being undertaken and have received some extremely generous donations in support of the event. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and thanks.
How to donate
If you would like to support our charity challenge please donate via our Just Giving page. Any donation, large or small is greatly appreciated. 
Nixon Hire Ben Nevis Challenge