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Transport Manager Goes Live!

1 June 2017
Transport Manager

Transport Manager is an electronic delivery and collection system that fully integrates with MCS-rm, our business management software. It allows a hire or sale to be executed with full transparency, ensuring we provide our customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information at every stage.

The mobile technology has full mapping capabilities, ensuring a smooth, timely and optimised route to every site - not only guaranteeing a minimal delivery time but continually reducing our carbon footprint by not wasting fuel in taking the incorrect route. 

The efficiencies in operating an electronic system also means there’s a faster resolution to all query types. Every delivery and collection we make sees our customers emailed with an electronic despatch or collection note, this note not only details the onsite representatives signature, but thumbnail images of the equipment on site. This is useful for highlighting any visible issues or exterior damage evident to both parties without delay. All images are available in higher resolution upon request as they are centrally stored against each and every contract and can be emailed at the click of a mouse. 

Each time a process a delivery or collection process is completed Transport Manager will record the date and time through GPRS and store this information in MCS-rm our business management software. This allows Nixon Hire to produce bespoke key performance indicators for customers who require data on deliveries and collections.

In summary Transport Manger provides...

·         Real time information 

·         Control of what’s happening out on the road 

·         Instant proof of deliveries and collections 

·         Onsite delivery and collection photographs 

·         Instant visible site damage notification

 Nixon Hire is the first hire and sales company with such a wide product range and a large geographical area to implement mobile technology with success. This will provide our customers with the peace of mind that the service they receive from us is market leading and that the efficiencies we bring to our business and the environment are efficiencies to their business too!