What will we do?

  • Support our employees in their individual fundraising efforts
  • Support our employees in their community interests
  • Support our employees chosen charity of the month
  • Support projects in our local communities

How will we do this?

We will make 0.5% of company profits available to support the Nixon Hire Foundation

Staff Match
Support our employees in their fundraising efforts

Whether our colleagues are walking the Great Wall of China, going sober  for October or holding a bake sale, the Nixon Hire Foundation, will  automatically match the contributions raised for their chosen charity.
Employee Community Fund
Support our employees in their community interests

We will provide sponsorship to the project which are important to  our employees.  We will accept applications to the fund from employees  throughout the year. Varied sponsorship levels are available. Example  projects may include:
  • Involvement in sports teams (adult or junior teams)
  • Community / hobby groups
  • Community gardens
  • Local theatre groups
Charity of the Month
Support our employees chosen charity of the month

It’s always difficult to choose just one corporate charity.  There's so many  worth causes and so many individual preferences based on personal experiences.  So, in order to support as many charities throughout the year as possible, the Nixon Hire Foundation, we have opened up the vote to our employees. 
Employees can nominate the registered charity they think should be awarded a donation from our fund. Once all nominations are in, we will cast a vote to all employees and the 12 charities with the most votes will be awarded a payment each. Payments will be made to a different charity each month throughout the year.
Discounts for Charities
Support projects in our local communities

We regularly receive requests for our equipment to be donated free of  charge to charity events and community projects  where the budget is  tight. This is always a  difficult question to respond to as saying 'no'  indicates Nixon Hire don’t  wish to support your good efforts – we do!  Unfortunately, we just  simply can’t sustain the supply of all the free  equipment we get asked for.  So that we can demonstrate our commitment  to supporting projects in our local communities we are pleased to offer a discretionary discount off hires to registered charities. Please complete the form to  submit your request.  
We are only able to consider requests made using  the form below, emails will not be accepted.

Please see the bottom of the page for the fund conditions.

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Nixon Hire Foundation Application

What are the conditions of the Nixon Hire Foundation?

  • All donations, sponsorships and charitable discounts must be processed via the Nixon Hire Foundation
  • There must be a tangible cost to the project submission. We need to know exactly how the donation will be spent and what it will go towards. 
  • We require an update on the project, how the fund donation was spent and images to support this
  • Where a Nixon Hire logo is used, this must be kept in good presentation at all times
  • Nixon Hire are unable to provide any administrative support to organising activities or sourcing goods
  • Information on projects will be used in Nixon Hire corporate material
  • Once the fund has been used up for a financial year, submissions will no longer be accepted
  • Nixon Hire reserve the right to refuse any submissions
  • Conditions are subject to change at any time