We have everything you need for each stage of 
the concrete laying process, from mixing and spreading to finishing. Find out more about our powerfloats, petrol pokers, tamping beams, finishing trowels and cement mixers below.

Concrete Equipment (10)

Easily transported and perfect for small to medium building projects.

From £353

Able to produce nearly 3 cubic feet of wet concrete every 6 minutes.

From £551

The F24 is a compact yet high performing walk behind power float.

From £1,245

The F36 is a great performer whilst being east to maintain.

From £1,405

The F46 is precise and the most rugged trowel in its class.

From £1,810

Allowing you to vibrate concrete with an easy to use portable unit.

From £1,290

Finish and combination blades or pans to match your applications.

From £31

High quality tamp handle to level freshly laid concrete.

From £95

These aluminium tamping are flexible, accurate and reliable.

From £130

A blue carbon steel float to provide a super smooth finish.

From £324