Depending on your requirements, we have 
puddle pumps and electric submersible pumps

from Tsurumi which are perfect for emptying 
ponds, swimming pools etc. Alternatively, our Honda petrol centrifugal pumps are trusted workhorses, ideal for use in remote areas 
where no fixed power source is available. 

Pumps (12)

A 1" lightweight petrol pump which is efficient, clean and quiet.

From £301

A 2" petrol pump able to move 600 litres of water per minute.

From £480

This lightweight self priming pump is powered by a 4 stroke Honda engine.

From £394

The BPS Basement Flood Pumps range offers longevity and value for money.

From £54

Compact petrol engine water pumps powered by genuine Honda engines.

From £264

An automatic priming, Honda engine driven diaphragm pump.

From £1,045

An automatic priming diaphragm pump powered by a Yanmar L48E engine.

From £2,950

Designed to test pumps for leaks in water pipe systems.

From £85

Selection of lay flat and suction hoses suitable for a range of pumps.


This water pump has an elastomer lined casing for maximum wear life.

From £260

An industrial series of heavy duty yet lightweight contractor pumps.

From £478

An efficient machine for pumping dirty water from a flat surface down to 1mm.

From £308